Monday, October 8, 2007

The Day of Laughing Staff

Today was Staff Day, our annual gathering of everyone who works at KRL. One of the things I appreciate most about where I work is how much people enjoy one another. Laughter is a common component. Mind you, we take our work seriously as we strive to protect and enhance the library's place in our community. But we don't take things so seriously that we miss the delightful things that happen as we interact with one another. I've worked in a variety of jobs and some of them have been real slogs, where laughter was seen as frivolous and inappropriate in the workplace. I'm grateful for a job where the importance of humor and "play" is recognized.

Today was the Day of Laughing Staff.

One of my favorite quotes from a speaker:
"My wife's idea of exercise is to take a bath, pull the plug, and fight the current."
That is going into my Humor Folder.

This might be a good place to mention one of my favorite online comic strips, Unshelved. There are few things so amusing as human nature, as Unshelved demonstrates.

And speaking of human nature, I was recently reminded of one of my favorite authors. He's not well-known these days but he wrote excellent stories. One of the best concerns the daily life of an 11-year-old. Another explores the difficulties in the love life of a teen. Both are set at the turn of the century. Stay tuned.


Hannah said...

I enjoyed Ogie's observation of his wife's take on exercise as well. What a hoot that man is! Always good to have some comic relief after lunch; helps the digestion of ALL kinds of input!

HannahGrams said...

Thanks for the encouragement about my blog:

You are very kind. I wanted to tell you that your blog actually gave me "permission", so to speak, to come out with my humourous side.

I have found that the medium is very fluid. I have added new things daily, so come back and visit you you have time.