Friday, November 2, 2007

And now for something completely silly...

I was not able to post anything for a week and I went through Blog Withdrawal. It's nice to be back.

Since krl2pt0 is entering one of the catch-up-or-play weeks, here is one of my favorite ways to waste time - Line Rider. This is not only a test to see if I can embed a YouTube file, but also a way for you to see what has been achieved by dedicated (some would say demented) Line Rider people.

Line Rider, you ask? It's a site that lets you draw a ski slope, down which a small sledder travels. If you don't draw the slope very well, dire things happen to the sledder. It's a little tricky to learn but really addictive once you get it.

So, let's see if I can embed something from YouTube. Introducing: Line Rider- The Jagged Edge:

Hmmm. In Compose, all I see is an empty box with a little red x in the upper left corner. I wonder what happens when I Preview?

(gasp) It worked!! It looks badly pixelated, though. Doggone. If you go to YouTube and search Line Rider, you'll find many (much clearer) entries to watch.

Ok, so, after watching that video, this is important to remember - somebody drew all those lines. How much time do you think it must have taken? How often did that person start over? Try something, crash the Rider, and try something else? It's staggering.

So, that's my post for today. Silly indeed. Stay tuned.

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kat@krl said...

Oh how I love your Python references! My now 23-year-old son, in a history class at OC a few years ago, sniggered when his teacher commented, "It's just a flesh wound." My son was the only one who reacted. The teacher was pleased. It was a proud-parent-moment for me that I could help prepare my son for college success...