Wednesday, November 7, 2007

gone a'flickrin'

What's funny this week? The bookdrop. Tucked within a returned book was a note with the message "I'm sorry for returning this book."

My humor folder just grows and grows.

I've been a Flickr junkie for awhile, starting way back when the site was fairly new. It has always been a good place to find an image for a bookmark or desktop wallpaper, and really fun to browse around.

While browsing one day, I made a happy discovery: Librarian Trading Cards. Have you seen these? Those early cards were great. They covered the gamut of the library world - reference librarians, YP librarians, The Rampaging Librarian, The Kilted Librarian...on and on. The cards have become much more sophisticated since then, thanks to all those cool publishing tools now available.

There are currently 319 Librarian Trading Cards, so you could spend (um, waste) an awful lot of time looking at them. But I have some favorites you might like to visit. These became favorites for a variety of reasons. Maybe I really liked the 'personal info' section, or the photo grabbed me. (I'm easily beguiled by peculiar photos.) Or...well...there was just something about it. Here are four to get you started, if you're inclined to look.

Hairy, Scary, Ordinary (branch manager)

deck7836470 (head of Library Systems)

Librarian Heroes (a variation on the trading card theme)

The Construction Librarian (a day in the life...)

Another thing I like about Flickr photos - the photostreams! When I discover a wonderful photo, I can view other photos taken by the same person. Disclaimer: I do not spend hours on Flickr. It just sounds like it.

While you were visiting those trading cards (making a grand assumption), did you notice the tags to the right? How about the "save to" button down in the right-hand corner? Flickr even has a blog. Web2.0. It's everywhere.

I'll finish up my Flickr blogpost with hb19, a photographer who uses clouds and jetstreams in unusual ways. Go ahead, take a look.

Next time: Japanese pranks. Stay tuned.

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HannahGrams said...

I have been looking at making my artist trading cards for some time, but then got into blogging. Yikes! Do you have photos to add to flickr group We Love Libraries Photogs Pic's? Just wondering. I have been encouraging krl folks who are posting pictures in their blogs to join us there. Tally ho!