Saturday, November 24, 2007

Woohoo for LibraryThing!

All righty then. I have a new addiction - LibraryThing. Although I've lurked around the site for awhile, I've never taken the plunge and set up my own account; krl2.0 booted me into it and now I cannot stop adding to my library catalog. It's patently obvious that the 200 titles allowed in the free account will be woefully inadequate. I must choose wisely.

My favorite bit is seeing how many other people have cataloged the same title that I have. Ninety-seven people have Penrod in their library! I haven't yet met a person who has heard of that book, but here is a highly discriminating group of readers who care enough about it to catalog it. In a peculiar sort of way, I feel...I don't know...less alone in my love for the book. And yes, that's a little weird, but there it is. It's like being a Wookie and suddenly finding all these other Wookies in the world.

This is turning into something ridiculous, isn't it?

Tagging is still mildly intimidating. I can't shake the desire to add a tag that nobody else has thought to add. I love words, especially those wonderful words that aren't particularly useful in daily conversation, like ineffable or callipygian. I thought tagging might be a place for those, but no. Tags are descriptions (I remind myself). We're not trying to create a thesaurus here.

The hardest part of adding the LibraryThing widget to my blog was deciding how it would be displayed. Recent Titles? Random Title Mash? And it sure didn't start out where it is now, on the left. I'm getting better at moving things around in Blogger. (I could really use some lessons from Hannahgrams.)

I think we have something terrific to offer our patrons with LibraryThing. They can use it to keep a list of want-to-reads, as an alternative to the Keep option in KitCat.

And that concludes my post about LibraryThing. If you haven't reached weeks 7/8 yet, be encouraged - I think you'll enjoy that piece of Web 2.0 when you get there.

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