Thursday, November 29, 2007

YouTube. ITube. WeAllTube.

Does it seem to you that YouTube has been around since "Internet" became a household word? Behold! It's only two years old but it's the fourth most-visited site in the world. Which just goes to show that the social aspect of the Web is a major force behind so much of what's available on it.

If you ask around, you'll probably find people who have at least one favorite video on YouTube. I've blogged about a few of mine, like OK GO's treadmill music video. I tend to look for humorous or musical things. I like to search "library", too, which brings up Library Dominoes and Allen County Library Zombies. Sometimes I'll find something that offers both humor and music (Pachelbel Rant) or music and libraries (Reading On A Dream).

My daughter, home from college for Thanksgiving break, insisted I view Drama Prairie Dog. It lasts five seconds. It's hilarious. I don't know why.

YouTube provides a chance to see all the hot stuff from the comedy shows...did you miss the SNL presidential debate parodies? Never fear, you can find them on YouTube. A British version of the Daily Show offered their ideas regarding how Donald Rumsfeld occupied himself during press conferences. You can view music videos from early MTV, or footage from favorite TV shows, or Leonard Nimoy singing about Bilbo Baggins (which is really bad. You are warned.)

YouTube wasn't the first of its kind. Squizzle was among the earliest, established in 2003. You could find nerdy Star Wars fans doing dance routines with imaginary lightsabers, or cats behaving badly, or footage of A Day In The Life of A Staff Room Coffee Pot. Squizzle is free, mostly, but it offers a premium membership, the primary benefits being no pop-up ads and the right to vote on which submissions are allowed to post. Yup, Squizzle members get to vote on whether or not a video can be added to the database. And, unlike YouTube, Squizzle's philosophy regarding site content is "if it can't be appropriately viewed at work, it can't be on Squizzle." No grossness, Jackass wannabes, or nudity/adult content. I find that refreshing.

A final note. My brother-in-law suggested a sub-site for YouTube. People could post footage of their colonoscopies and the site would be called YourTube. I promised him I would include that in my blog. It's an unfortunate fact that when you reach a certain age, colonoscopies and other 'procedures' offer a lot of grist for the humor-mill.

Update - 12/9/2007 - Hooray, I found the KRL video!  There are actually two videos, one of them done by KRL Studio Productions.  See if you can find it.  My review is "Two thumbs way up!"

And in the spirit of following the assignments, here's a video you might enjoy, How to charge an iPod using electrolytes and an onion:

Knowing how to do this may save you from iPod withdrawal when the power goes out.

Next time: Comedians. Stay tuned.

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