Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wanna wiki?

Greetings. There has been radio silence on this blog due to an unfortunate encounter with a fold-up dolly at work, resulting in a broken arm. Doggone. Of interest is all the comment from other staff regarding their close calls with this bit of equipment. They have suggested that I be allowed to dismantle the thing when I'm fully functional again. Meanwhile, the dolly has been retired in dishonor to the furnace room.

Wikis! Although I applauded the concept, I didn't think much of Wikipedia when it was first established because it was so open to frivolous updating. Anyone could add anything, which was the point, but it led to some erroneous, libelous, and defamatory entries. Those days are mostly gone now that entries must be vetted via Wikipedia member discussions. And a good thing, too.

As far as krl2.0 goes, I've added a page to the branch wiki and linked it. Woohoo! So, how could KRL use a wiki? How about a Staff Picks Readers Advisory? Or, better yet, a Library Patrons Readers Advisory? Many of our patrons enjoyed writing reviews of their books during our first Adult Winter Reading program, reviews which were compiled into a book (I have a copy.) Perhaps those same folk would contribute reviews online if we offered it. All ages could participate. Teachers could use it as a tool in their reading programs - imagine a non-reading third-grader getting interested because he or she could add a review (aka book report) online for others to read.

That's it for now because I'm typing with one hand. I'll visit the subject of 'comedians' next time. Until then, here's a Wikipedia article about Groucho Marx, one of my favorite funny people. We raised our children on the Marx Brothers, among others, so they would understand that the best humor takes some intelligence. And, we enjoy wearing those nose glasses.

Stay tuned...

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