Monday, January 7, 2008


I have a Facebook site, to the amusement of my college-age kids.  (I did not ask them to add me to their Friends list.)  I created it in mid-summer 2007, before krl2.0.  I had heard that non-college folk were now allowed and I thought it might be possible to find other hammered dulcimer players or library groups.

I read the article Social Networking in Libraries.  This article was written in May 2006, before Facebook opened up membership to the non-student public.  I enjoyed reading it and I'd like to comment on two of the points that I believe are particularly important.

First point - "If you want to prevent all the problems of MySpace and Facebook, the key is educating the parents and making them get involved in their childrens' online lives."  Um, making them get involved?  How about helping them get involved?  One major role KRL could potentially play in all of this is offering classes on the many kinds of sites and web tools that are out there.  The Click! program, with its focus on learning technology, would be a reasonable place to offer training and information about social networking sites and Web 2.0.  Create a class and invite the parents/public to come on in.  Or utilize our web-savvy teens to teach workshops.

Second point - "I do not think that there is anything inherently 'cool' or useful about having a (library) profile on these sites.  Just like any social software tool, it's what you do with it that matters." (my emphasis.)  Amen and amen!  Our challenge is choosing the best tools to engage the public with the library, and using those tools deliberately and creatively.

One thing I've noticed - students are intrigued when they discover that I know what these sites and webtools are, and how they work.  We've had some great conversations when I've asked them how they use these things; I've received tips on using my Facebook more effectively, and they've learned some things from me about other online stuff.  Having a working knowledge of all that we're covering in krl2.0 can give us opportunities to connect with many of our patrons.

And now, since this is a humor blog, I'd like to mention a recurring thing that is happening to me:  I find myself humming incongruous tunes at odd times.  Let me say here that I'm a humming person.  I hum all the time.  (Just ask the PT staff.  Ask my husband.)  The difference is in what I'm humming.  Maybe it's due to watching far more television than usual in the last month, because commercial jingles figure heavily in the tune list, especially from car commercials...He's a maniac, maniac...  I even found myself  humming the Beethoven bit from Hyundai duh duh duh duh.  Duh indeed.

Other tunes I've caught myself humming?  Basketball jones, I've got a basketball jones...  Where did that come from??  I was a junior in high school when that was on the radio.  Why did my mind dredge that one up from my murky brainy depths when there are so many others to choose from?  I'm no longer on oxycodone, so I can't blame drugs.

Next time: perhaps more riveting thoughts on the effects of too much free time.  Stay tuned.

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