Saturday, January 19, 2008

"Singin' in the bathtub..."

"...happy once again, watchin' all my twoubles go swimmin' down the dwain..."

Tweeting on twitter always makes me think of Tweety Bird of Looney Tunes fame.  By acknowledging that here, I hope to make Tweety's song go away for awhile.  It has joined the "songs that are stuck in my brain" list.

Twittering can be a little addictive, depending on who you're following or who is following you, and what kind of riveting events are going on.  If you're new to Twitter, be encouraged - it  makes more sense the more you use it.

The big astonishment: when I first clicked Find And Follow, Twitter went straight to my Gmail address book and picked up anyone in there who had a Twitter account.  My immediate  housekeeping job was to clean out some of those addies.  I do not want to follow the Alaskan realtor who, three years ago, helped sell my mom's condo in Juneau.

Most of my recent twitter entries were whines about my ulnar nerve, and I'd like to note that I received many sympathetic tweets in return.  Tweeters are kind and really do pay attention.  By the way, we've named the nerve - Neville. Neville the Nerve.  Neville the Nasty Nerve.

Following the tweets of others has been surprisingly fun.  Shannon's tweets from ALA were great, as were Shirlee's regarding the vagaries of technology.  Kitsaplibrary is interesting reading as staff explore the wonders, and mysteries, of tweeting. 

I am tweeting as dulcigal.  I decided early on to use the identical username/password for everything in krl2.0.  Since dulcigal was already my gmail name, I just stuck with that.  And a good thing, too, since so many web 2.0 applications require setting up an account.  Yikes.

This post has been a bit disjointed, hasn't it?  Blame it on Neville.

That's all, folks!  Next time: the humorous side of web 2.0 for students.  Stay tuned.

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