Friday, February 8, 2008

Sharing on Sharepoint

Why oh why is it so difficult to give a blogpost a title?  I'm probably trying too hard.

I'm delighted that we're at the last module, Sharepoint.  Um, I'm not delighted because it's the last one, I'm delighted that we're at Sharepoint.  Sharepoint is the new environment for most of the stuff we'll be doing and I can hardly wait for the day it's completely up and running.  The scavenger hunt was fun and provided a good look around.  Great job, Nancy!  Everyone should take a look even if they're not participating in 2.0.

I haven't posted on the Sharepoint blog yet but plan to when I'm at the branch tomorrow.

My doctor gave permission for me to start using my left hand when I type.  That is all well and good, but my little finger is still completely numb (alien appendage), and the feeling in the finger next to it is only half there, lengthwise.  Trying to type two-handedly at this point is slower than typing with one hand.  Slow but oddly entertaining. 

Other news:  today I started taking a drug that's supposed to calm Neville The Nerve.  The main side effect?  "You might feel a little cloudy first thing in the morning."  Ha!  I'm already a little "cloudy".  My brain hasn't had a break since November 30 - all Neville, all the time - and there have been many days when I can hardly think.  Cloudy is just fine, as long as Neville settles down.

Next time?  Neville vs. The Drug.  Stay tuned.

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