Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Hair-Raising X-ray

Here it is.  My arm won the "Worst Break I've Ever Seen" award from my surgeon and my physical therapist. As you can see, it took two plates, seven hefty screws, and some wire to put me back together.  That big screw appears to stick out through my skin at the elbow.  In person, it doesn't actually poke through but it sure looks like it would if given half a chance.

In other news, the same business that brought us 'Port Orcherd' is now blessing us with 'Port Orcard'.  South Sound Cinemas is advertising the film 10'000 BC.  Sigh...  Happily, the South Kitsap Mall sign sported 'Beds/Dininig Sets' for less than 24 hours before it was corrected.

Another short-n-sweet posting. Next time? Demetri Martin. Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

7-Up Through My Nose

It's an inelegant way to start a blogpost, I know, but that is what has just happened to me.  I was catching up on Rex Parker's Great Paperback Project and April 9th's post was hilarious, with unfortunate consequences.  My nose has recovered.  I'm still laughing.  And blogging about it.

Life with Neville is much easier these days.  I hope to be off The Drug sooner rather than later, but there is no doubt it has tamed my nasty nerve.  Neville is now like a soft harp playing in the background, occasionally interrupted by a kettledrum solo or trombone riff.

I haven't forgotten the hair-raising x-ray.  It needs to be scanned.  Stay tuned.