Friday, November 7, 2008

Another bookdrop oddity

They just keep a'comin'.  On Wednesday, I found a set of false Bubba teeth at the bottom of the bin.

When I went hunting for an image to display of Bubba teeth, I found this hilarious Baby Binky on The Hutchings Four blog.  Binkies have come a long, long way since our kids were this age.

I am home for a couple of days, recovering from minor surgery - two screws and some wire were removed from my arm.  The only peculiar thing in my recovery is my left hand.  Due to injected pain meds and novocaine, both my ulnar and radial nerves are comatose.  This means I can curl my hand into a fist but can't uncurl it, and Neville isn't talking at all.  It's the quietest my hand has been since I broke my arm nearly a year ago.

That's it for this post, since I'm a one-handed typist.  Mr. Bean, the series, awaits to help me pass the time.  Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Thaydra said...

LOL.. left overs from Halloween I imagine. Sometimes I wonder if people purposley put stuff like that in there just to get a reaction from us, even though they can't see it (unless they are across the street peering with some binoculars!).

Take care with your arm and Mr Bean! I'm glad to hear it is being quiet finally! YAY!