Tuesday, December 9, 2008

By popular demand...

...here is another Mastersingers mp3, a chapter from The Highway Code. Alas, I don't have the "lyrics" to this one so you'll really have to pay attention while you listen.  This piece is concerned with Rules Pertaining To Pedestrians. I prefer the Weather Report, but Highway Code is still fun.  I am mentally transported to St. Mark's Compline service when I listen to these mp3s.

Terry and Rory have been in and out of the branch recently, helping with signage changes and other sundry tasks.  Visits by these guys are delightfully bright spots in our day.  I was surprised to see Terry in Biography, thinking he had headed back to Sylvan Way after a morning visit.  Approaching from behind, I said, "You're back!" to which Terry replied (turning toward me) "Yes, and here's my front!"

Facebook has been great fun lately as more KRL folk join in.  I've been on facebook for a couple of years, having joined well before krl2.0.   I had signed on hoping to find other hammered dulcimer players.  I found one, so that was a bust, but I've found other people and interest groups to connect with, including former staff.

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  I appreciate the ability to read what people are doing, see their photos, and celebrate milestones with them.  However, I was determined to avoid most of the applications.  When I first signed on with one (I think it was iRead), the application asked me if it was ok that they access all my information, including my Friends List.  Hmm.  I flung caution to the wind and clicked OK and that was that.  What harm could one app do?

But now... my connection to so many facebook friends (hereafter known as ffs) has opened wide the door to apps, especially recently.  Now I have a virtual Christmas Tree, as do other ffs, and we can give each other virtual gifts to put under it.  We can also send ornaments to one another.  I'm participating in a Snowball War.  I'm poking people.  I'm giving them plants for their L'il Green Patches.  It's the classic camel-in-the-tent situation - the camel wants in, so it puts its nose into the tent.  A nose doesn't take up much room, so you let it remain.  The rest of the head comes in.  Eventually the front legs sneak in, then the torso...before you know it, the whole camel is in the tent and you're wondering when did this happen?

So.  Facebook applications.  I do draw the line at some of them, like the eCards app.  There's a disclaimer, of course - facebook is not responsible for the content contained in these messages - and I am disinclined to open the ones that have been sent to me.  I once ended up with an app I didn't ask for, a dating service; I had to go through a convoluted process to disengage from the thing.  

One of the best things about facebook?  Some dear neighbors moved to Florida many years ago and we missed them deeply.  Janice and I would have unintended adventures while doing mundane things like shopping together at Costco.  The adventures were frequent enough that I became Ethel to Janice's Lucy.  Behold, Janice is on facebook!  Now we have a standing date - chatting via Online Friends every Monday afternoon.

I have Christmas lights to put up, real ones rather than the virtual kind.  Next time?  Chimes & Lights, perhaps.  Stay tuned.

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