Monday, December 22, 2008

Overheard online

This post isn't going to be filled with much original thought.  I've spent more frivolous time on the computer in the last five days than in the last month, facebooking, twittering, and just surfing around.  One thing is certain - an overactive snowstorm brings out the humor in people more than grumpiness, if online comment is an indicator, and I decided to post some of my discoveries here.  Consider this my Index of Recent Cool Things. 

I follow a few people on Twitter.  They include the Unshelved and Wondermark authors, as well as a graphic artist/webcomic guy, and a library in Scotland.  Some recent tweets that I think are quotable:

"That's the thing about experimental cooking.  You might just have to have something else for dinner."

"On creativity:  We must be willing to suck, so we can learn and improve.  We must also be free to believe we do not suck, so we don't give up."

"I woke up for no good reason, then proceeded to worry about everything I could possibly ever worry about.  So I'm up.  Just me and Doctor Who." (posted around 2 a.m.)

"I am no longer scared of certain sections of department stores the way I was at 13." 

I can only imagine which department store sections a 13-year-old boy would be reluctant to visit.

David Malki, of Wondermark fame, posted an intriguing challenge on his website:  send a Christmas card to a complete stranger.  I accepted the challenge and I eagerly await the results - consequences? - if any should occur.  I didn't include our short newsletter because our 25th anniversary photo is in there, a photo which has brought us considerable notoriety over the last month.  Anyway, off went the card.  It's funny what a little 'outside the box' activity can do for my day.

Another twitter post took me to a "year in pictures" site.  It's an international look, not the usual what-happened-in-the-U.S. set.  War, disaster, injustice, and grief is well-chronicled in this 40-photo collection, making it a sometimes disturbing set to view, but the disastrous is mixed in with photos of amazing and interesting events.  I looked at photo #23 for a long time - Massai tribesmen in modern clothing, armed with bows and arrows, battling another tribe (off-camera).  I am an optimist, believing that I can, at the very least, make a difference within my immediate sphere.  I'm especially mindful of that when I see photos such as these.

It's snowing, again.  Despite the inconvenience, the power outages, the life-threatening conditions for those without homes...I love the snow.  

It's Christmas Eve.  Time to do the last of my baking.

May you enjoy peace, warmth, and all good things.  And stay tuned.

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Thaydra said...

Your anniversary photo was fantastic. I loved it! It just shows how fun and fabulous you guys are!

The sending of a card to a stranger is an interesting idea. Kind of like one of those messages in a bottle, only perhaps a bit more streamlined? How did you come up with the stranger to send it to?

I have always thought the "message in a bottle" or the "balloon message" was fun. It is so amazing to see just where your message will wind up, and if one will respond. I've thought of doing the message in the bottle thing, but worry about the consequence to the wildlife, not to mention litter laws!

I must also mention that I love the quote about cooking new things. It is common in my house when I get the bug to create new and unique recipies, to have plenty of back-up macaroni and cheese and hot dogs!! :)

I hope your holidays were awesome!