Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I was once a Hendrew Sister

Who are the Hendrew Sisters?  Three women who happened to meet as part of a six-person music team.  The team was together for four days, long enough for the three of us to discover our common interest in Big Band music.  We were singing In The Mood when (nobody knows exactly why) I began to cluck the words.  They began to cluck too, and we finished the song in Andrews Sisters style - three-part harmony.  The Hendrew Sisters were born.  We clucked Elmer's Tune for the talent show.  It was a really, really fun weekend.

Chickens have been a significant source of humor in our family since 1994.  I had always thought they were funny but it took a Fred Penner concert video to take chickens to a higher level.  In the middle of the concert, Fred and his band took out bath towels and began to roll them up.  After a couple of other adjustments, behold, they had created what looked like a plucked chicken!  I had to learn how to do that.  I grabbed a towel and stopped/replayed that portion of the video until I had it down, then taught my kids how to do it.  Alden has performed the Chicken Towel Act for many talent shows.  (We have a beige-yellow towel that's perfect for it.)  One time, a musician friend played Turkey In The Straw while I 'folded' the chicken.  It always gets a surprised laugh from those who are watching.

Chickens had some attention at the library last week.  A patron's cell phone went off just as she was walking into the branch (as so often happens).  The unusual thing about it?  Her ringtone was a chicken clucking.  One of our staff keeps chickens and would have enjoyed it but she was on break.  We told her about the ringtone and, during a slow moment, I went online to hunt it down.  You would not believe how many chicken ringtones are out there.  I clicked on the sound samples, hunting for the one we had heard.  The library was unusually quiet at the time, but the samples were quiet also and didn't disturb the patrons. . .until I clicked on the 'prelisten' button for Chicken Diva.  The pure dulcet notes of an operatic chicken rang out.  I couldn't get her to stop.  Everyone in the branch looked up, smiling, as I quickly closed the browser.

I've collected a lot of chicken-related music over the last 15 years.  It's fun to include a completely out-of-place song in a performance.  Ghost Chickens in the Sky is a favorite.  That link takes you to a very informal performance; we're a little more polished!  We've performed it as it was originally intended, of course, but we've also put it in the middle of a Celtic set. Country/western goes Irish.

Chicken jokes?  I've got chicken jokes!  And most of them are terribly corny, which is as it should be.  How about the rubber chicken?  Who invented it?  I Googled this and didn't get a definitive answer, but this query came up in the search results. I snickered.  Clearly this is a person after my own heart.

I've helped make over four hundred Clucking Chickens.  I can make one in my sleep, nearly. We didn't add feathers, partly due to budgetary concerns but mostly because we didn't relish the idea of glue + feathers.  This is a craft that everyone should try if children are around. I must mention, however, that the aforementioned several hundred went to adults, who enjoyed them mightily. These Clucking Chickens sound like the real thing.

Poultry.  Humor.  Stay tuned.


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Thaydra said...

I've GOT to hear the polished version of that song- it's hilarious! I love it!