Thursday, January 1, 2009

Words, wonderful words

Happy New Year! Ken and I were on our own this year, no parties, no gathering of friends. Many within our circle were catching up with family celebrations postponed by the weather, others simply out of town. So we watched movies until 11:30, poured a couple of glasses of Asti Martini, and tuned into a local channel for the Space Needle fireworks.

The movies.  We started out with Mama Mia.  So...exuberant.  Pierce Brosnan, singing.  Um.  We moved on to The Cocoanuts, an early Marx Brothers film.  We watched the news.  It doesn't get any jazzier than this on New Year's Eve.

We played a lot of games over Christmas, spending the most time with Bananagrams and Scrabble.  Our final game was dismal all around - nobody had much to work with - which led to a conversation about 2-letter words.  Alden went hunting online for a list of such words, finding one through a link on the official Scrabble site.

And what a happy discovery that link it turned out to be!  The Phrontistery is a site I'm going to have to spend some time on.  A personal vocabulary is a living entity and must continue to grow, even if the additions aren't words one can use any old time.  There are some grand words on The Phrontistery.  The best browsing so far has been within the Compendium of Lost Words.  You really should take a look around if you enjoy the intricacies and wonders of language.

I'll end with the most recent egregious bookmark.  It was discovered by Dan, nestled within a book that had been shelved.  It was a 2" cigarette butt.  This is the kind of thing that causes me to mutter.  What are people thinking??  And how did we miss it when the book was returned?

Library mysteries.  Stay tuned.

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