Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Sometimes my family wonders why in the world I sign up for enewsletters.  Doesn't it clutter up your email? they ask.  Well, yes.  It does.  But I simply hit the Delete button once I've read them.  I am circumspect about it, only subscribing to things that might turn out to be wonderful.  And most of the time they do, like this morning's twice-weekly missive from Wondermark.  

David Malki added a blogpost to today's comic, pointing to a book he was reading:  Overqualified by Joey Comeau.  It was an intriguing book review.  I immediately logged into the KRL catalog but was disappointed.  We don't have it.  I'm reluctant to buy a book on the basis of one review, no matter how engaging the reviewer may be, so I hunted around the Web for a little more information.  And there it was!  I can read it online, courtesy of the author.

Joey Comeau had filled out many job applications and was working on yet another when he was struck with the canned nature of cover letters, his or anyone else's.  He decided to write cover letters that would catch the eye of Human Resources.  He ended up making a blog of them for the enjoyment and inspiration of job-seekers everywhere.  Overqualified is that blog.

Begin with #1 and work your way up.  It's entertaining reading but be warned - some of the letters (#54, for example...whoa) have some inappropriate bits.  Keep in mind which company he's applying to.  And, he got into trouble sending #37 (as well he should have, as you'll see if you read it), trouble for which he apologized in #38.  This event convinced him to continue to write the cover letters but refrain from actually sending them.

It's unlikely I would have heard of this Canadian author or his book without the nudge from an enewsletter.  So there, I tell my family.

Next time:  the Five-Year Box.  Really.  Stay tuned.

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