Monday, April 6, 2009

The Five-Year Box

I finally opened the Five-Year Box.  This box must have been packed near the end of things, given the motley nature of the items within.  Among the contents:  the spurs my grandfather made for my grandmother shortly after they were married, bank statements from 2002, unmatched silver-plated cutlery, a 1998 pocket calendar, three detachable tatted-lace collars, and several quartz and amethyst crystals.  (The crystals are part of a huge collection of rocks and minerals, gathered on my grandparents' many rock-hounding jaunts.)

Several of those things are going into my Etsy shop, which is presently under construction.  I'm still deciding what my Shop Policies and payment options should be.  Etsy is fairly easy to use, from a storefront-newbie perspective.  There are forums and communities for all aspects of Etsy commerce, as well as off-topic discussions.  I've spent a lot of time browsing shops to get an idea of their shop policies and payment options, which has helped a lot.

My Montana sister-in-law, Debbie, has on online jewelry shop, Pambatoto (the proceeds support two orphanages in Kenya).  She and Brian visited last weekend; I shamelessly picked her brain on how she runs her business.  She also had her camera with her.  Woohoo!  We set up a 'studio' on the kitchen table and did a photo shoot of all the open salts.  She has a lot of experience photographing finely-detailed and high-reflective jewelry, so my salts were easy subjects for her.  102 photos.  Guess what I'll be selling first! We would have photographed all the butter pats, too, but ran out of time.

I thought the Five-Year Box was the last box, but behold!  Several others lurked behind it.  I know the contents of one - lots of paper ephemera, including Great-grandpa Lorenzo's 1942  voter registration card, WWII ration books, grandma's grade school report cards (1912-1915), and Great-grandpa Daniel's citizenship certificate (acquired at age 72, after living in the U.S. for decades.)   A family mystery:  how did a sturdy English family of Bacons decide to name the eldest son Lorenzo?  We will never know.

Overheard on Twitter:  I never judge a book by its cover.  The author photo, however...

Next time:  further adventures with Etsy.  Stay tuned.

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Thaydra said...

Dustin and I have gotten some new gizmos for our crafting we want to do. I have seen the Etzy thing, and thought about setting up a spot there as well, if we actually start producing finished product!

You'll have to let me know how it goes! I will shamelessly pick YOUR brain! hehehe