Sunday, June 21, 2009

Technology Fun

Just playing around with backgrounds today.  I've had this blog since October 2007, begun with krl2.0, and I thought I'd try a new look.  It's only semi-new, since the Posts section still looks the same.  Resizing the Reverbnation widget is a work-in-progress, too.  (It shouldn't be this hard, she muttered.)  I'm having a lot of fun with html.  Really.  I am.  I love coding but haven't done much of it in the last couple of years, so the rehab has been a great refresher.

There are so many other things I should be doing, like posting more grandmother items on Etsy, but I needed a minor creative break.  Rehabbing the blog turned out to be a little more than minor, but that's the way it goes.  At least I'm learning something new.

And speaking of Etsy, my next technology challenge will be learning how to make digital collage sheets.  I became a Friend of the Port Orchard Library in order to help them with a load of donated vintage books and ephemera.  It struck me that we could get more bang for the buck if I scanned the ephemera and made it into collage sheets, then sell the sheets on Etsy.  I made a shop section for that purpose, so anyone who may actually purchase these will know that all the proceeds go to the Friends.

The donations sparked quite a few ideas for things to sell on Etsy and in the Book Harbor.  Some of those vintage books are falling apart and worthless, others are worth (at most) $2.  I've found that there is a high demand for collage and scrapbooking materials, particularly one-of-a-kind materials, so we're bundling loose pages and selling them in sets of 20.  (Collage artists value the old fonts and aged paper.)  A lot of pages are in rough shape, so I've die-cut them into circles, ovals, and rectangles to sell in packets.  It's an experiment, certainly, but worth a try.  It's better than just tossing or recycling them.  Actually it is recycling them, right into art and jewelry.

We'll also use the die-cut shapes for some things to sell during Month of the Book, things I'm not going to reveal here quite yet.  It's going to be a busy crafting summer, getting ready for October!  We've recently had a large influx of volunteers and the Month of the Book items will be there for them to work on if we run out of things for them to do.

Next time:  collage sheets - can she or can't she?  Stay tuned.


HannahGrams said...

What a fantastic idea! I work at collage as well, and use discarded books covers, etc., headed for the dumpster for inspiration... maybe I should talk to the BI Friends? I will study what your post re: what PO Friends are doing more closely... but wanted to say "Hey!" and "Great idea to scan old stuff, etc., make into collage collections, etc. to sell, yada yada.

Thaydra said...

Many of the crafts I have been looking at doing incorporate old book covers and pages. I just havenm't had the heart to go buy a perfectly good book and tear it apart. This would work perfectly for me!

I will have to buy some!

HannahGrams said...

Would you mind facebooking your Etsy site again and your PO Friends Etsy site? Would enjoy seeing what you're up to there. [Maybe you should just link them in your post]? Just an idea....