Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Technology Wars? (not yet.)

What a wild week is ahead!  The technology is taking a back seat, mostly, to many other things that must be done before week's end.

In other news, Ken has begun something new - he's going back to college with the goal of becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse.  He has to take some preliminary courses before he can apply to the program at O.C., getting them done one per quarter so he can still work full time.  He started his first class yesterday, Psychology, with professor Dan Dunlap.  

We think Ken is going to have a grand time this quarter, as evidenced by his professor's website.  It should be an interesting introduction to being a student again.  (He earned a B.A. in Political Science/International Affairs in 1980.)

Overheard on Twitter:  Like finding the hat of a missing predecessor deep in the Peruvian rain forests, I've just discovered faint evidence of a dog-ear on pg 79.

Next time:  well, it probably won't be Technology Wars.  Stay tuned.

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