Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Surfin' Youtube

There are four basic steps to listing an item in an Etsy shop - write the description, define the tags, figure out and list the shipping, and upload the photos. It's a straightforward process but it can take some time, especially the description. After all, I'm trying to beguile someone into buying this particular little item, so the description takes some thought and attention to detail. I reached the point where everything was entered, pressed the button, and...Epic Technology Fail. You can't save as you go when listing something, so 20 minutes' work was down the drain.


I signed out of Etsy. What to do with my last 15 minutes of alloted computer time? I subscribe to a couple of humorous things on Youtube so I headed on over to catch up with them. There is nothing like a chuckle to put things in perspective.

While in Youtube, I found the first film made by Mel Brooks, circa 1963, titled The Critic. This brought a smile because we, too, have attended regrettable movies (we paid $8 each for this??) I like Mel Brooks films, mostly, so this was a happy discovery.

My fifteen alloted minutes are up.

Overheard on Twitter: It's 60 degrees, windy, and the clouds are threatening rain -- in Seattle, that means it's time to go to the water park.

Next time? Hmm. Stay tuned.

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