Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One Month Later...

...I finally have a moment to write something. It's been quite a summer so far - full days at work, wedding and baby showers, Etsy, and visitors both planned and unplanned. To that mix, add painting a house by hand (our version of spousal bonding) as well as mucking out clutter, and there isn't much time left over for blogging. My only creative extracurricular activity is rehabbing my Summer Reading t-shirt. Read a book? Har. A number of books have come and gone, only partially read. I haven't let this many books go by since I broke my arm.

Speaking of Neville, that nerve is still talking in my two outer fingers. To Neville's credit, the healing is moving along right on schedule. In fact, another bit of Neville recently awakened and it has taken concentrated effort to ignore the non-stop zaps. Covering the reference desk is particularly entertaining (as Mark Twain would say.) Neville's buzz increases dramatically when my little finger touches anything, especially a keyboard, so I've learned how to type with nine fingers. Patrons have noticed this and asked why my pinkie sticks up out of the way as I type. I'm running out of silly answers.

As promised in my previous post, I'll share some of the Twitter tweets that caught my attention over the last couple of months. Humorous tweets are small but effective weapons in my anti-Neville arsenal. I recently joined a Twibe, Librarians, where the tweets must include some form of the word 'library'. My personal twibal tweets are primarily Viral Humming In The Library reports, in which I note how many staff ended up humming the awful tune that I'd been humming. I was happy to report a bonus hummer, once - I caught a patron humming my tune (sweeeet Caroliiiine...) I've learned a lot from the Librarian twibe; so many people post things that are timely and interesting in the greater library world. And, librarians can be pretty funny when commenting on the events of their day.

So. Tweets that made me smile, in no particular order, some from Librarians and some from the general tweeting public:

One of the benefits of working at a library is discovering interesting books when you are supposed to be doing something else.

(tweeting from ALA) at the exhibits, in a huge line for Gaiman-overheard one librarian say to another: I hear Neil Diamond is here.

I don't mean to brag. I don't mean to boast. I like hot butter on my breakfast toast.

File under Unfortunate Library Errors: DVD of Diary of Anne Frank housed in case for Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

Boys see the library as world run by women who demand behavior easy for girls to do.

Facebook is for reconnecting to people you knew. Twitter is for connecting to people you should have known.

I always attribute Twitter downtime to The Rapture. You can imagine the mix of relief and disappointment I feel seeing you all still here.

Pro tip: always pick wild blackberries that are higher than a dog can lift its leg.

I want to write a country western song detailing the particular agony of waiting for a torrent that's stuck at 98.88%.

And, finally:

Apparently there is a librarian at the Cleveland PL named Dan Boozer who invented a language entirely out of chipmunk noises.

Next time: more original writing, less cribbing from Twitter. Stay tuned.

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