Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Twitter Wit"

I've discovered I could have contributed to a just-released book with my Overheard On Twitter posts. The book is Twitter Wit, a collection of witty tweets. Wish I'd known about this (she muttered). I have a few favorites I could have submitted. Ah well.

It should be a busy afternoon now that Cedar Cove Days is in full swing. There are many happy Macomber fans all over town, with rumors flying - Debbie will be at the library! Alas. She will not. Then again, who knows? Perhaps there will be a surprise appearance.

The most common question yesterday was "Are you Grace?", referring to one of the characters in the series. Grace is the Manager/Librarian of the Cedar Cove Library. We've puzzled over who might have been the inspiration for Grace's character. We think we know but you won't see it in this blog.

And now breaktime is over and it's back to work.

Overheard on Twitter: After browsing through a rack of donations, I wondered if Harlequin gives its authors a chart from which to pick their titles?

Next time: end-of-summer musings. Stay tuned.

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