Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Internet Rambles

Humor is everywhere and is particularly available on the Web. There are obvious places to look - College Humor comes to mind (warning: crude humor mixed in with the marvelous stuff.) Other sites are hidden away and found only through rabbit-trail links or friends in the know. Do you need a smile today? Visit these places:

For musical humor, there is no place like YouTube. A Tuesday Jam friend sent a link to an appearance by Willie Hall on Spike Jones' television program. Mr. Hall was a phenomenal classical violinist but he had a playful side, too. He was the Victor Borge of the violin, as you'll see here.

For visual humor, LovelyListing.com is a good spot to visit. The site posts photos from actual real estate ads. Click on the words "Found by" to additional photos from the listing. You'll find funny photos, peculiar photos, even disturbing photos, leaving one to wonder what was the realtor thinking? The photos stand on their own, but read the comments for further hilarity.

Do you enjoy reading about the misuse of language? Humor Matters offers an array of funny stuff, but my favorite section concerns overseas signage. Another site, Engrish.com, posts photos of notices containing amusing translations. Once in awhile a photo looks photoshopped (for shame) but most of the photos are obviously legit.

Blogs can be promising places to do some humor-grazing. One of my favorites is Word Imperfect. The blog owner posts a word each day and invites readers to make up a meaning for it. Sometimes I'll happen upon a singular posting (thank you, rabbit-trails.) like this October 12 post from The League of Reluctant Adults, which offers advice on fending off zombie attacks while trick-or-treating.

Finally, webcomics. My favorites are Wondermark and Unshelved. There is a long, long list of webcomics and it's growing weekly as comic-artists figure out how to post their work. You can find your favorite newspaper comics online, which is how I get my daily Zits fix. I also visit xkcd once a week, but heads up on that one. It can be very odd and and it sometimes qualifies for a "questionable content" rating. I take a chance on it in order to catch the good ones, like this one (saved in my bookmark file.) Another great webcomic is found on Inkygirl. The site is actually a blog offering "daily diversions for writers" but there's a delightful comic on the right side of the page that will change each time you refresh the page.

I'll end with a literary link to A Journey Round My Skull, in which poets are ranked by beard weight.

Overheard on Twitter (from a college student): Today's 1st lecture was about zombies. Our 2nd is about Coleridge. Tuesday may have peaked too soon.

Next time: we'll have to wait and see. Stay tuned.

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