Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Viral humming in the library

I am a fortunate woman because I get to work with people who enjoy one another despite our diverse personalities. We're a pretty tight team and we often end up influencing one another, either directly or indirectly.

For example, I had been humming Darktown Strutter's Ball most of an afternoon while working at checkin with Ann. The next day, she let me know that she had ended up humming that tune all evening, thank you very much. And that's when the phrase "viral humming" was born. I confess that I try out a viral tune once in awhile just to see if I can get someone else to hum it. I'm successful, sometimes. Several months ago I was able to infect a coworker and a patron with a tune from Sound of Music. Do, a deer, a female deer...

Overheard on Twitter (and so timely, too): I have successfully inflicted Mr. Fancy Pants on my family. It will haunt their brains for weeks to come.

Next time: Game Night. Stay tuned.

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