Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Laughter, the best medicine

Today's post title is shamelessly cribbed from Readers Digest.

My grandmother was an elementary school teacher who rarely had to take a sick day off, despite her exposure to all those children and their various ailments. Whenever she felt a cold looming, her approach was to ignore it into oblivion, the equivalent of putting her fingers in her ears and singing la la la la. Oddly, it seemed to work for her. My grandfather had a different method of dealing with impending illness - laugh it to death. He would get out his Book of American Humor and spend the evening reading, chuckling quietly; then he'd head to bed and wake up in the morning feeling fit as a fiddle.

I've been fighting off something germy since last Saturday, so I opted for my grandfather's method and watched Charlie Chaplin and Aardman films. I laughed a lot, which made me feel a little better (serotonin is my friend.) And there were several laughing moments this week that were spirit-lifting.

Last Saturday (besides being germy) was Port Orchard's 11th Annual Chimes & Lights celebration. We always host live music in the library for Chimes & Lights, music that has included The Average Djoes (a swing quartet with guitars, fiddle, and bass) and various members of Tuesday Jam, a celtic jamming group that I belong to. Sonja the harpist brought along her toy piano and absolutely rocked Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies on it. Another regular is a group that includes our former Friends of the Library president, Jim Herron. They come in Victorian costume, nine musicians with brass instruments, bells, and percussion, playing all the traditional Christmas favorites. One of my humor moments came while Jim's group was playing. Mind you, this group's music is loud (seriously, a tuba is in there.) One must shout to be heard at checkout. A patron came to me, beaming, and thanked the library for providing chamber music.

Another laughing moment came via my husband. Ken sent a Youtube link to me with a "you've probably already seen this" note. I clicked the link and had a delightful three minutes with a video I had not seen, despite the fact that it's been around for at least three years. I love it when really good musicianship blends with terrific humor. If you haven't heard Straight No Chaser perform The 12 Days of Christmas, now is your chance. (It's unfortunate but there's a short commercial at the very beginning. Be sure to let it load completely before you play it.)

One of the things I most enjoy about the Internet? Personal interactions. Not personal in the face-to-face sense, but in the conversations that happen all over the place. True Confession Time: I enjoy reading comment threads. Well, not all comment threads. There are some grievous things said out there (Youtube comments are grand examples), threads that deteriorate into something reminiscent of a 3rd grade playground altercation.

But some threads are simply wonderful. For example, here's a thread concerning a realty listing's photo of a bathroom with large, questionable stains on the shower wall. People were pondering the origin of the stains. We enter the four-person conversation mid-thread:

- ummm...doesn't old blood turn brown? This is reminiscent of a Psycho bathroom... shreee shreee shrrreeee!!!
- I'd often wondered about the exact spelling of that noise.
- These things are good to know. Now if someone can just teach me how to spell the sound of a cat sneezing...
- "echtsssh" Although I wouldn't say that covers all cats. I once had a cat
who sneezed "kgtknch"

See what I mean? That's what I love about comment threads.

Overheard on Twitter: You know those big, colorful, air-filled workout balls? I popped one today during my workout. Not sure what to think about that.

Next time: Musings. Stay tuned.

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kat@krl said...

I wonder if those spellings will ever turn up at a spelling bee? Loved that bit - it really is how they sound! Thanks as always for your very entertaining musings.