Friday, December 11, 2009

Sick Day No. 2

Alas, laughter has not saved me from a full-blown head cold.

I realized, this morning, that I posted an identical Youtube link in back-to-back posts. That's what happens when a germy brain gets online.

To take my mind off of my head, I've spent some time browsing blogs. I haven't yet figured out the logic behind Blogger's Next Blog option. Yesterday the blog after mine was garden-themed, as was every blog thereafter. Today it took me to craft/stitchery/Etsy-related sites. My most adventurous Next Blog experience occured last week - every single blog was in a foreign language.

But let's get back to today's Next Blog ramble. I've been keeping track of the One World One Heart blog, waiting for the post that kicks off this year's event - an event in which bloggers sign themselves into the OWOH bloglist with a link to their blogs. Each participant offers a giveaway; the way to enter a giveaway is to leave a comment on the blog. I did this last year (offering a new book as my giveaway) and found many creative people, folk that I would have otherwise missed.

I was reminded of OWOH when Next Blog took me to 20 Stamps Later. Heidi Harlequin has a delightful blog as well as an Etsy shop (her Christmas cards are wonderful); she's offering a giveaway on her blog that I'm entering. This is a first - I usually discover a giveaway the day after it ends!

Are you interested in American presidents? 44 U.S. Presidents offers a first-to-last look at Presidential portraits. Each portrait morphs into the next. I offer this link because it made me smile, especially the morph from #13 to #14, Millard Fillmore to Franklin Pierce in which Pierce seems decidedly flirty.

And that is that. I have a date with two aspirins and some ginger ale.

Overheard on Twitter (from a library in the UK): Eep, delivery man just relieved himself in our hedge. Postman did same a few weeks ago. What is the etiquette? Should we start charging?

Next time: we shall have to wait and see. Stay tuned.

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