Thursday, January 28, 2010


It's interesting (for me) how my cyberlife cycles. I'll be online for weeks and silence. It's been a month since my last post, way too long according to blogosphere rules. The silence can be attributed to sharing a computer with a student husband - he's taking English Composition this quarter - but it was also time to unplug for awhile. There were just too many wonderful things going on, weddings to attend, caches to hunt down, Olympic trials to watch, around-the-house projects to finish up.

One project we tackled on Monday was Mucking Out The Garage, dealing with the area beneath the ping-pong table.

One would think that all the estate boxes had been sorted and cleared by now. One would be wrong. We found a box filled to the brim with windup toys. We were shocked, shocked, because we thought we had already dealt with all the windup toys. Mom had collected several hundred of them and most of them had gone out the door - a basketful to a family with four children, some to the Etsy shop (sold one to someone in France), and the rest to St. Vincent. And that was that, we thought. So finding an additional assortment was a big surprise.

We brought the box into the house and began sorting, winding them up to see which ones worked (into the donation sack) and which ones did not (into the dustbin.) The task significantly impacted our to-do list but, really, how often do we get to simply play like this? Not often enough. And it brought up memories of Mom, how much she enjoyed bringing out the toys for guests to play with. Adults had far more fun with them than kids did, for the simple reason that windups are just not in the mix of daily grownup stuff.

Some of those remaining windups are in the staff room now, for break time fun. If someone finds one they especially like, it's theirs to keep.

It's been just fine, being unplugged. I've read more fiction than I usually do, mostly because all the books came in at once and I had to read them now. (They all had holds on them and weren't renewable.) I made my first artisan bread. I roasted sweet peppers for the first time and decided it wasn't worth the trouble, although we did confirm that our smoke alarms are in good shape. I shall contentedly purchase roasted red peppers at the grocers.

Now it's time to plug back in, at least a little bit. There are some intriguing new apps out there, waiting to be explored. My Youtube subscriptions are piling up - I've missed The Elevator Show and will enjoy catching up with it. Father Ryan has fresh tinwhistle posts, and the guys who brought us An Engineer's Guide to Cats have a Christmas post that I missed. I finally found Dave Barry's blog and look forward to reconnecting with his humor. He doesn't actually write much, preferring to post links to peculiar or funny news items, but his end-of-2009 posting is pure Barry.

It's nice to be back! I'm off to the kitchen for a cup of Cold Care tea.

Overheard on Twitter: Starbucks. Hipster buying blended drink with whipped cream: embarrassed. Goth kid buying the same: owning it. Point: goth.

Next time: life in the library, perhaps (it's been entertaining lately.) Stay tuned.