Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Google Fame

If you're interested in performing an intriguing search on Google, search for yourself. This was an email suggestion from one of our reference staff. Our family had done that years ago (we altavista'd back then, rather than googled) but I hadn't done it since, so I typed in my name. If you have a name as common as mine, you will end up with a long, long list of results. My results were fun to scan. I share a name with women who serve in government, who are musicians, who are in Code 911 columns for various crimes, even a woman who is on The Wall Street Journal's editorial board. I went deeply into the search results and didn't find anything related to me at all.

Then I tried searching something more unique to me: dulcigal. The top 18 results were me, with other dulcigals salted in among the remaining links. What was included in my top 18? A few of them were accounts I had set up during krl2.0. One of them was this blog but, oddly, the link was for an entry from January 2008 rather than a more recent post.

There were also things I've set up beyond krl2.0, like my "band" on Reverbnation, established so I could learn the process of recording and transferring music from GarageBand to the Web. I have a myspace page, too, set up in order to contact other musicians. You'd think musicians would want to be easily contacted but some of them, like Tugboat Bromberg, are only contactable through their myspace pages. So I signed on with myspace. Good ol' Tugboat.

One of my staff, curious about the whole Google Yourself exercise, typed in his social security number and experienced a momentary panic. His ssn showed up on someone's facebook page, in Spain! After a closer look, it turned out to be a telephone number and his deep concern changed to relief.

In other news, nonfiction has been the ticket for my reading over the last few years. I'm still working my way through the Humor subject search in our library catalog. I toyed with the idea of reading every humorous book in the library, inspired by J. A. Jacobs of The Know-It-All, but I had to rethink that project because there are 1,474 items in Humor and, frankly, I'm not single-minded enough to carry it out.

I have ordered a few to read, though, and enjoyed every one of them so far. There's no rhyme nor reason why a title might look interesting enough to place on Hold. Sometimes it's because I've read something similar and enjoyed the subject. That was certainly the case for Born to Kvetch: Yiddish language and culture in all its moods. This was a Hold slam-dunk, since I still reread Leo Rosten's The Joys of Yiddish. My favorite section in Kvetch was chapter 6, You Should Grow Like an Onion: The Yiddish Curse.

Another hit was Cake Wrecks: when professional cakes go hilariously wrong. That one was a happy discovery on our New shelf. I look at frosting with fresh eyes now. Yikes.

And although I won't read every book, I might look at every catalog entry because some of the titles have made me laugh, titles like Snark: a polemic in seven fits. I had to Look Inside that one.

Overheard on Twitter: I worry that we are the last generation to really care about Gary Coleman.

Next time: library tales. Stay tuned.

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Thaydra said...

I do searches on myself every so often, just to see what pops up. Mostly- it's just my own stuff. There are a couple others out there, which is always interesting to see.

I haven't thought about the SSN search. I'll have to do that next!!