Monday, March 29, 2010

I still have to share the mac.

I thought I would have a little more access to our computer now that Ken is finished with his English class and has moved on to Biology. I was wrong. It looks like he will be online even more, so posts will be erratic. Thursday nights may be open. We shall see.

I follow a few humor-connected celebrities on Twitter, just because. They're a quiet group, tweet-wise, probably because they are busy elsewhere doing interesting things. But once in awhile one of them shows up with a tweet. Stephen Fry strayed online just long enough to direct people to Dan & Dan's youtube post, The Daily Mail Song. If you've ever been in Britain and actually seen The Daily Mail, you'll know that those are real newspapers.

I also follow people who occasionally post links to serendipitous photos that they've taken. The best one this week: A Children's Guide to Splattered Bugs (found at a local 76 gas station.)

One recent Twitter development that I could do without is retweeting. I'll admit it, retweeting can be a phenomenal tool when spreading important information. An example is the Phone Number That Went 'Round The World when the earthquake struck Haiti. The phone number was for people to call if they had relatives in Haiti. It was pretty cool. But, apart from emergencies, retweeting drives me nuts. If Tweeter #1 enjoys a tweet from Tweeter #2, Tweeter #1 can retweet Tweeter #2's tweet so all of Tweeter #1's followers can enjoy it too. Viral tweeting. My first thought when I see these retweets is "Who are these people?" Those whom I truly like to follow get lost in all the excess conversation. Aargh.

Overheard on Twitter: Can you tell I'm home alone? Medium to low-brow tv and tweeting at the same time (and I have wine and chocolate)

Next time: humorists old and new. Stay tuned.

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