Saturday, March 6, 2010

Unhappy Hipsters

It's feast or famine with blog posts. The recent famine is courtesy of a husband taking his English prereq this quarter. He has done nothing but write, write, write on the computer during the last two months. Next quarter is Biology so there's hope that I'll be able to post more regularly.

Hipsters come into family conversations once in awhile, mostly due to our son. He lives in Seattle (aka Hipster Central) and has stories to tell about hipsters he has met. What is a hipster? The Urban Dictionary has several definitions; I think #2 is probably the closest. Alden isn't a hipster per se - he doesn't have the attitude - but he does look like one. This became uncomfortably clear to him last summer.

If you've visited the Seattle waterfront in the last several years, you've probably seen a Duck, a large, white, double-deck vehicle full of tourists. There is the requisite tour-guide-with-a-microphone describing the sights. The guide occasionally invites the tourists to quack loudly. The company motto is "You haven't seen Seattle until you've seen it from a Duck!" (I have yet to puzzle out the whole duck thing. How does a duck represent Seattle? Eugene, Oregon I could understand, but Seattle? Ah well, back to the story...)

Alden was standing on the sidewalk near Coleman Dock when a Duck pulled up. The Duck's passengers were clearly enjoying themselves, a real rambunctious group. Alden was waiting for the crosswalk light, hoping to get across the street and away from the Duck (he holds Ducks in high disdain) when he heard the tour guide say, "To your right is a classic Seattle hipster!" Loud responses ensued and he finally looked around to see who they were talking about. It was him. They were taking pictures of him and waving, calling out "Hey, this is cool! A hipster!" My (usually) polite son responded...silently and inappropriately. The crosswalk sign indicated safe crossing and he went on his way. I can only imagine the stunned reactions on the Duck.

I was browsing around Tumblr a few months ago and found Unhappy Hipsters. I visit Unhappy Hipsters every day. The site routinely posts photos from Dwell magazine and adds a caption beneath them. Most of the photos are of Extreme Modern architecture, both indoor and outdoor shots. There is usually one person in the photo. I can only describe it as The Far Side Meets Architectural Digest.

And that is that, for now.

Overheard on Twitter: Just deleted my snarky ending before sending an e-mail. Sometimes being a grown-up is no fun at all.

Next time: a little catching up. Stay tuned.

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