Monday, May 3, 2010

My Life in Books, Part the Third?

Well, no. Not today. I'm shamelessly digressing.

GoDaddy is having a SuperBowl Commercial competition. The deadline for voting is May 7, so if you're interested in seeing a Kitsap entry, click here. If you like it, please vote! I think it's one of the better submissions. Dave McNab did a great job capturing "sitings" cliches. Also, my hubby is in it so I'm terribly biased.

Overheard on Twitter: It will be convenient if United and Continental merge because then I can just avoid one airline instead of two.

Next time: MLiB, PtT. Stay tuned.


Thaydra said...

I voted on it!!! =D Too fun!!

dulcigal said...

Doggone. I just realized I used the wrong "sightings." Good grief.

Thanks for voting! They were in the top 5 but are now waaaaay down near the bottom.