Monday, June 7, 2010

The Waffleizer

Link-surfing is one of my favorite brainless activities, just letting the links take me where they will. I've found some terrific things, like the anti-mugging skirt created by a Japanese clothing designer (the skirt that - hey presto! - changes you into a faux canned-soda dispenser.) I've come across notable blogs, odd news reports, clever (or awful) merchandise, even readers advisories.

I was originally aided in link-surfing by Stumbleupon, a site I found during krl2.0. Just check the subject boxes that interest you and Stumbleupon will take you to something that fits those interests. I always check the Bizarre/Oddities box, just because. That's how I learned about Banksy, a graffiti artist whose work covers everything from political statement to sweet whimsy.

Stumbleupon also led me to JigsawDoku, an interactive brainteaser that helped me mightily during my Neville Period. Neville, by the way, is still nattering but only in the outer half of my hand. The nerve has consistently healed about 1/2" per month. At this rate, I should be Neville-free by June 2011 or so and I'll be able to type with all ten fingers. Now there's a goal.

Multi-link browsing led me to this, which just affirms that there are imaginative people everywhere. If I came across this rock, would I see Barney? Nope, probably not. I would see a rock.

I'm not sure how I found The Waffleizer (motto: Will It Waffle?) I'm reasonably certain that I started out at 101Cookbooks. There may have been a link in comments, which led me to another link, which led me to a blog, which...well, that's how these things happen.

The Waffleizer. I like this site. One of the things I most appreciate about it is the humorously matter-of-fact writing (the FAQs are wonderful.) I also like the fact that there is true curiosity there - he doesn't put any old thing in the waffle iron, but considers reasonable candidates. (Well, mostly reasonable. My jury is out about the cupcake trials.) You wouldn't think "pizza" in connection with waffling but after reading the post it makes perfect sense to give it a shot.

I actually tried one of his suggestions, waffling chocolate chip cookie dough. Our waffle iron creates hybrid waffles, not quite traditional but not quite the deeply-pocketed Belgian waffles either. The cookies surprised me by baking nicely in the waffle iron. Thank you, Waffleizer, for expanding my culinary horizons.

Overheard on Twitter: My next book will be 'Wikipedia Brown', about a boy detective who solves crimes by getting his friends to do all the work.

Next time: peculiar donated books. Stay tuned.

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