Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Moan

My Twitter account has been odd this evening, mostly due to Epic Retweeting on the part of one of the people I follow, a librarian in England. Thanks to her, I have received announcements from Heathrow Airport chronicling some transit issues. (It's reassuring to know that all is well once again with Heathrow's express train service.) I received seventeen, count 'em, seventeen retweets about a buzzard that showed up in a garden, all posted within a 30-second period. And she retweeted, verbatim, the garbage chute scene from the original Star Wars film.

So mystifying. Was it a slow day at the Reference Desk, there in the U.K.? It was tempting to bleat about this to Ken, but he's working on his Nutrition studies and wouldn't offer much in the way of commiseration. So I've shared my petty annoyance here. But there's a funny side to it, too. Someone else, completely unconnected to the previous retweeter, tweeted: Why does everything have to be about Star Wars all the time? Can't we all decide on another cultural touchstone?

Did I mention that I follow Darth Vader on Twitter? He had nothing to do with any of the stuff I've mentioned.

In other news, literally, here's a newspaper article to warm the hearts of grammar nerds everywhere, thanks to a tweet from GrammarGirl.

Twitter seems to have become the unintentional theme of this blogpost.

...Overheard on Twitter: Oh man SIGN ME UP IMMEDIATELY

Next time: something that has nothing to do with Twitter, I promise. Stay tuned.

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