Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sing "Ho!" for the open road

We're in the throes of Study Abroad preparation. Our daughter is heading to Japan for three months, earning the final 12 credits required for her bachelor's degree in Japanese. She was beginning to feel nervous (as were we) because all of her senior year credits must be fulfilled by overseas study and she hadn't heard back from the Study Abroad program. What if she wasn't accepted? Would she have to reapply for Tokyo University's spring quarter? Should she revise her degree from Language to Culture, rather than take a chance on TU's availability?

Everything was finally settled by a letter in the mail, the bill for tuition. Aha! Receiving a bill implied that she'd been accepted in the program. We called the finance office and learned that she had been accepted nearly a month ago! The acceptance letter had clearly gone awry and she had missed a secondary deadline as a result, but the program folk were gracious and gave Amy extra time to submit the paperwork.

We're in the middle of getting that paperwork accomplished.

You know, parenting is just one surprise after another, even when children are into adulthood. The surprises lately have been grand, like Amy working diligently on her dream - a degree in Japanese Language. The surprise isn't that the goal is happening, but rather how we feel about it. We're just so proud of her. Add to that the news this week that Alden has decided to take the GRE and pursue a Master's degree, and we are just. . .full. It's so cool to see our kids happy and active in reaching their goals.

So, not much to do with humor, this post. Although. . .

I did have a moment at Reference this week. An excited patron came to the desk to say she had just seen the movie Troy. Brad Pitt had been so hot as Achilles and she was inspired to learn more. She wanted books, movies, everything we might have, especially photos of Achilles - was he as handsome as Brad was? Um.

Sometimes it's just so hard not to laugh.

I had to gently explain that this was Ancient Greece we were talking about here, before photography. Troy was a real city, way back when, and had indeed been under siege, but the story of Achilles' involvement was in Homer's Iliad, a tale of mythology written four centuries after the siege. She was taken aback by this but quickly recovered and asked if Iliad was available. It was, and so were some books about Greek history. In the end, she was a happy patron despite her disappointment about the photos.

Overheard on Twitter: When a human realizes work must be done, a subtle hormone is expressed, similar to feline pheromone. It makes cats instantly affectionate.

The tweet after that one: The more urgent the work, the stronger the hormone and thus the more fervent is the affection.

Next time: extracurricular reading. Stay tuned.

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Thaydra said...

Your story about the patron and Achilles is hilarious. I had to read it out loud here so we could all have a giggle.

How wonderful that both your children are so full of goals, ambition, and the drive to see them to fruition! I hope that I will be saying the same things of my own children in a few years! You are such a wonderful mom!