Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Laughter at the end of 2010

2010 zipped right by, didn't it? Looking back, so many funny things happened, even in the midst of considerable angst, especially in the library: technology gone awry, toilet events, unconventional patron behavior, bookdrop surprises, conversations at the checkout desk...the list goes on and on.

A recent encounter with a patron (I'll call him Mark) is an example. Mark is developmentally disabled. He's one of our favorite people. He remembers everyone's name and always asks about our day. He asked me what I was doing later in the evening and I replied that I was playing some Christmas music at a senior center. He was curious about the music and wondered how old the songs were. When I told him that one of the songs was 1,200 years old, he thought for a moment and asked, "Is that older than you?" His caregiver and I almost snorted with laughter. I could hear muffled giggling from nearby staff. It made everyone's day.

I'm still working my way through the Humor subject in our catalog. I'm down to the letter "V" and was scrolling through the search results when I came across this:
Humor - video recordings
Humor - vintage clothing
Humor - violent death
Humor - vocabulary
Humor...wait, what? What's humorous about violent death? I clicked on the link. Ah. The Darwin Awards. Ok then.

Some of my latest Internet favorites:

St. Francis de la Sissies performs, unforgettably, a classic piece. It's been around for a couple of years. Stick with it through the introduction. You will be rewarded.

Thanks to a facebook friend, I now visit wimp.com regularly. Wimp is a site where people post interesting videos, some more interesting than others. You'll find footage from news broadcasts, short clips of television programs, and an astonishing assortment of home video. It's perfect for browsing. That's how I discovered this footage of Billy Collins reading Litany. The only drawback about wimp: it isn't searchable. I discovered this when I tried to go back to the Billy Collins video. There are few things worse than having to endlessly scroll through lists, looking for that one thing that I neglected to bookmark.

And that's that for this post.

Overheard on Twitter: This week I: locked myself out of car AND office / got peanut butter on my shoe / got beard trimmings in my eye / got 3 hrs of sleep a night.

Same tweeter, directly after that: Oh and I forgot to return my library book on self-discipline. I'm sure all these things are unrelated.

Next time: next year. Merry Christmas!

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