Friday, December 3, 2010

A Wakeful Night

I should have known better. The impending holidays are partly to blame, because without them we wouldn't have egg nog in the house. And without the egg nog, I would have passed up the Starbucks Via. But I'm fond of egg nog in coffee and we had company over and that was that. Now I'm wide awake.

However, the Via isn't the only reason for my wakefulness. I can usually breathe myself to sleep, rhythmic breathing that's just deep enough to fool myself into drowsiness, and it was beginning to work until our motion-sensor light (mounted just outside our bedroom window) began to imitate a lighthouse. On and fade to Off. On and fade to Off. There was no discernible wind and our neighbors weren't doing their usual late-night mucking about. Had raccoons established a new pathway through our back garden and chosen this particular night to migrate single-file, evenly spaced?

Back to the breathing. Finally, I started to drift off.

Ken stirred and began to mutter quietly, "mumble the middle of Spruce, Texas...mumble mumble..."

What? said my brain. (Uh oh.) Is there such a place as Spruce, Texas? Who cares? I answered. Well, I'm just curious. NO. It's late and I need to sleep. But...Spruce is an odd name for a Texas town. It's just something in his dream. Give it up. I can't.

The motion-sensor light advanced from lighthouse mode to strobe.

So, I've turned off the motion-sensor light. At this point, I am unconcerned if something horrible is skulking around out there. Also, I can say authoritatively that Texas is home to Grady Spruce High School and Grady Spruce YMCA Camp. A Blue Spruce will contentedly grow in South Texas if given the proper care. The Spruce Power Plant hums along in San Antonio. But there is no town named Spruce. Thank you, Google. It's good to have that settled. Perhaps now I can get some sleep.

Overheard on Twitter: I'm sure if I reheat this coffee a few more times I'll eventually remember to drink it.

Next time: family feet, unless something better comes along. Stay tuned.


Thaydra said...

I hate those questions that worm their way into your almost-asleep mind and churn until you absolutely MUST get up and get it answered, else risk never getting one iota of sleep!!

Google really is great for those!

Did you ever discover what had the light on the fritz?

dulcigal said...

It remains a mystery. I am going to simply move to the sofa if it happens again.