Saturday, January 1, 2011

So this is the new year

2011! I've heard a few lively discussions on the proper pronunciation, two-thousand-eleven vs. twenty-eleven. Supporters have been pretty evenly divided between both camps. I've thrown my hat in with the twenty-eleven crowd. In all of the Mayan-Calendar-End-Of-The-World buzz, twenty-twelve was the way most people pronounced that year and I think we should be consistent. Admittedly, twenty-twelve has a nice alliterative ring that twenty-eleven doesn't have, but still. I'm sticking with twenty-eleven. Also, twenty-eleven reminds me of Bilbo's birthday party (I am eleventy-one today!)

At our house, Christmas dinner usually includes a memory-fest of personal and family events. It isn't a stated tradition, it just happens. A large part of this year's conversation centered on funny things that have happened over the years. One of Alden's favorite memories was being able to finally startle me. He had made it a goal, when he was ten years old, to be able to sneak up and surprise me. It was a tough goal because I was a difficult Mom to startle. He was convinced that I had super-hearing and eyes in the back of my head.

After many unsuccessful startle attempts, Alden planned what he thought was a perfect prank. He gathered the necessary supplies. Finally, the perfect day arrived. He and Amy had just come home from school. I was in the back of the house. Alden placed himself just out of sight in the kitchen and blew up a large balloon, holding it at the neck to prevent the air from escaping.

He waited.

I came down the hall and was just about to turn into the kitchen when the balloon, loudly exhaling, sailed past my face and hit the wall, falling limply to the carpet. I yelped. For a split second (as he tells it) it looked like I was going to be angry, but then we both exploded into laughter. Success! He treasures that memory and so do I.

Many more family memories were shared that evening. It was a good way to end 2010, laughing together over Christmas dinner.

Overheard on Twitter: Boggle for iPad is fun but I feel mocked by its list of words I didn't find. "Oh, you didn't get eide, eider, fid OR fidge."

Next time: Diverse Amusements. Stay tuned.

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