Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Slugdom

Today's plan was to head to Folklife with Amy. I was hoping to join the Band Scramble, a Sunday Folklife tradition. Band Scrambles are great fun, incredibly impromptu opportunities to make music on an hour's notice with people you've just met. The Scramble begins with names - participants put their names in a jar. Names are then drawn in groups of four or five, each group becoming a band. The bands have one hour to identify and practice a tune together before performing it onstage.

Bands are not typically balanced - it's just the luck of the draw that decides which instruments will be together and how skillful the musicians are. I was once in a Scramble band made up entirely of beginners and it was a challenge to find a tune that everyone knew. We finally settled on "Happy Birthday" and performed it with an exuberant Irish flair. Several years ago, my band was made up of four fiddles and a kazoo. Yes, kazoo. Neville hadn't healed enough for me to play my dulcimer so I took some of my secondary instruments to Folklife. You wouldn't think a kazoo would be welcome in a Celtic competition but the fiddlers graciously let me in once I'd explained the reason for my instrumental limitations.

Anyway, as mentioned at the beginning of this post, Folklife was on our schedule. I was up much earlier than necessary and decided to spend thirty minutes with a book and a cup of tea. Thirty minutes turned into two hours and a missed ferry. Amy wasn't up yet. The sky didn't look very promising. I went online to review what was on for Folklife and behold! There are no Band Scrambles this year. (The organizer, John Ross, passed away in 2009 and nobody stepped forward this year to keep the tradition going.) However, I discovered a dulcimer workshop scheduled for Monday morning.

So, I went back to my book for another hour of reading, then browsed a bit around the Web. I ate a cupcake for lunch and watched birds enjoy the suet feeder. I washed the dishes and made another pot of tea. Amy eventually emerged from her room. I stayed in my PJs until 3:00.

I frittered the day away and it was glorious.

Overheard on Twitter: My experience changing my rate plan with ATT was frustratingly straightforward and trouble free. Now what can I complain about?

Next time: a brief Folklife report. Stay tuned.


Thaydra said...

Some of the best days are ones when you never get out of your P.J.'s!!

That's too bad about John Ross. Hopefully someone will step up and continue it on. It sounds very entertaining!!

dulcigal said...

Band Scrambles are VERY entertaining, for both the audience and the band members! We're thinking of doing something like it for WLA next year - a talent show that includes a scramble.

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ayamlin said...

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