Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where has all the sunshine gone. . .

. . . long time passing. . .

Ken Schramm recently dedicated his morning show to people who wanted to call in and whine about the weather. He also invited one of KOMO's weather reporters to give listeners (aka whiners) a reality check. According to the statistics, this isn't the wettest, coldest spring in recent memory - 2010 was. I'm a Child of the Northwest and don't complain much about the weather, unless it gets too hot, but even I am growing weary of how cold it is. The morning program on KOMO was cathartic for those who called and entertaining for those who listened. A lot of the comment was pretty funny.

The program reminded me of an old Bill Cosby routine about Seattle. Referring to Seattle's reputation for unrelenting rain, he mentioned a compliment he had overheard: Hey, you look like a prune! to which the complimentee replied Why, thank you! Cosby also noted that the population gets nervous when the sun shows up, ducking and asking one another what have we done??

Bill Cosby is timeless.

I spent some time with Alden last week, giving him a ride back to Seattle, and our conversation turned to altered street signs. He had discovered a No Smoking sign that some clever person had changed:
No Pie! I love this kind of humor. There's something about the unexpectedness of it, the surprise, the discovery that someone had a moment of inspiration and acted on it.

We talked of other signs we've seen. One of the best used to be near Carkeek Park in Seattle, a crosswalk sign that had been altered to "Stop For Me, It's the Claw". The silhouetted pedestrian's hand was rehabbed into an ominous three-pronged appendage. I went back a few days ago to take a photo but, alas, the sign has been replaced with the traditional (boring) one.

Our conversation turned to signs that we could alter and Alden came up with a grand one: change the word Parking to Barking. It would be so easy to do and would only require a fat-tipped marker. Think of the possibilities! No Barking, 2-hour Barking, Staff Barking Only. . .and there are city blocks that offer barking zones: No Barking East of Here at one corner, No Barking West of Here midway along the block (you may bark over there but not here.) I'm a law-abiding person but I am deeply tempted by this. Parking signs will never again be quite what they're supposed to be, for me.

Overheard on Twitter: A few minutes ago I came so close to spelling "unbeknownst" correctly. So close.

Next time: random thoughts on my new Seattle Public Library card. Stay tuned.

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