Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Etcetera. . .

Blogpost titles are sometimes the hardest part of writing a blog.

Despite all precautions, I recently caught the pestilence that is making the rounds, a cross between a bad head cold and the 'flu. I was home for two days on the classic fluids-and-rest cure.

Fortunately, I had a stack of newly-purchased books, books which included Cranford, Memoirs of a Mangy Lover (ah, Groucho), Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit, and Tales My Father Taught Me by Osbert (Osbert!) Sitwell. Tales from Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb was in there, too. That one was a thrilling discovery. Most used-book sellers aren't familiar with Mr. Lamb which means it's up to me to dig in and look at every single title in the Essays section. And, because he's so little-known, Charles sometimes ends up where he doesn't belong, as was the case with Tales From Shakespeare which was languishing in Fiction. Tsk.

Blogger's aside - One of the great things about reading turn-of-the-century books is learning new words. I can usually surmise the meanings from the words' context but once in a while a word demands that I put down the book and look it up. That was the case with quondam, which means "former." I like this word a lot but doubt that I'll be able to use it in casual conversation (my quondam car was a Renault 8. . .)

Anyway, getting back to being home sick. . . I settled in with my books and germs and Theraflu, passing a pleasant enough morning, but reading palled by mid-day. Now what? DVDs! I watched The Man Who Came to Dinner. I watched a collection of Oscar-nominated short films. Finally, I watched How to Train Your Dragon, a delightful movie I'd waited far too long to see. I was a little puzzled during the first bit. Something seemed. . .off. At last it dawned on me - the characters were Vikings but they all spoke with Scottish accents.

After that, I turned to the laptop. When indisposed, there's nothing like surfing around the Web. As always happens, one link led to another and I found some Things You Probably Haven't Seen:

- The Laughing Housewife, a blog I follow. The cartoon in this post made me smile.
- The Musical Visual Intelligence Test, brought to my attention via Stumbleupon. It's challenging but fun. Shameless brag: I scored 83%.
- Totally Absurd Inventions, a site that lists unusual patents, including some that have been filed recently. Click on a patent's name and you'll see all the documentation. (I don't understand how someone could actually sleep while wearing an Insomnia Helmet.)

And, discovered this morning through a facebook friend, one of the best Product Review sections ever. It's an ad for milk on Amazon. Tuscan Whole Milk. You must read the reviews. Just scroll down and read them. You won't be disappointed.

Overheard on Twitter: Romance Title of the Day: 'From Playboy to Papa!' I can't decide if the exclamation mark denotes excitement or horror.

Next time:. . . I'm discarding this traditional end-of-the-post item. I originally ended blogposts with it when we were doing technology training at the library; with krl2.0, I knew what the "Next time" subject would be. But now the subject might be anything, depending on what happens between posts; new posts are rarely what "Next Time" promised. Therefore, today I bid a very fond goodbye to "Next time." But who knows? There may be an occasional cameo appearance.

Stay tuned.