Friday, July 8, 2011

A Milestone

We're a foreign-car family, preferring Toyota and Honda to Chrysler and Ford, so our purchase of a used Ford Escort Wagon in 1996 was an aberration. We were planning a long August road trip, Port Orchard to Colorado Springs. Our travel would take us through Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada. We knew we'd be encountering blazingly hot weather. We wilt in 80 degrees so air conditioning was a big deal. The Escort presented itself. It had just 29,000 miles on it. We dithered for a couple of days. The price was good, the mileage was great, it had air conditioning (but it's a Ford...)

We bought it. It's been a good car, mostly. It took us on our 3500-mile road trip and kept us cool, even in 104-degree Moab. But the reasons for our Ford Aversion have proved to be valid over the ensuing years. The transmission has had recurring problems. The clutch was really nasty until a wizard of a mechanic fixed it. We've learned all the acronyms for Ford - "Friend Of Repair Department" is the most apt. But here we are, at a milestone.

Yesterday, the odometer rolled over to 200,000 miles.

Will we buy another Ford when this one finally gasps its last? No.

In Adapted Signage news, this crosswalk sign was sighted by our friend Ryan on Pacific Avenue.
The image for the right-hand button is from "Portal", a popular single-player video game.

Pacific Avenue didn't used to have crosswalk lights. If you wanted to get from one side to the other, you had to sprint across six lanes of non-stop traffic. Years ago, Alden and I were at the Washington State Museum for a grade school field trip. After the museum tour, we wanted to find a place for lunch. We were on the north side of Pacific Avenue. All of the eateries were on the south side. Alden took one look at those six lanes and said, "Wow. Frogger." I laughed. He was referring to a video game in which you had to navigate your frog across multiple traffic lanes. If you lacked skill, your frog got squished. His comment described our situation perfectly. I'm happy to see that Pacific Avenue now has crosswalk lights.

By the way, we have a new favorite No Parking sign. We so want to change it to No Barking in Median.

Overheard on Twitter (posted by a librarian while on the desk): Kid signed up for a computer. He said to his friend: "I have 30 minutes to wait. I'm going to go read." MY GOD, IT'S A MIRACLE.

And that is that. Stay tuned.

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