Thursday, October 27, 2011

So far this week. . .

I've tried, over the last two days, to add a badge to the margin of my blog. Fail. So here it is, embedded in this post:

Visit Library 2.0

I've attempted the addition in both Internet Explorer and Safari. I'll try Firefox next. If that doesn't work, well, maybe Chrome will make the difference. It feels like I'm messing about with multiple personalities, each with its own little peculiarities. Ah, technology.

My LinkedIn account is finally up and running. I had avoided LinkedIn despite numerous invitations to set one up. I really didn't want yet another online account to manage, especially when it seemed superfluous. But the Poulsbo library offered an evening workshop about LinkedIn, a workshop that clarified how I might actually be able to use it, and now. . .I'm in, and just in time, too, because it was through my connection to WLA's LinkedIn that I learned about Library 2.0, a 'round-the-clock virtual library conference to be held November 1-2. More on that after I attend two of the sessions. (Click on the graphic or the link for more info on the conference.)

It's been an enlightening week. Thanks to a British blog, I've rediscovered two phrases that I need to use: fiddly bits (odds and ends) and faffing about (messing around with.) Hmm. I could have used faffing about up there in paragraph two.

My emoticon skills have grown now that I've discovered an all-encompassing emoticon chart. The chart sorts emoticons by culture and region. The Asian section, especially the Japanese subset, has the best ones; my computer's character set needs to be upgraded before I can try them out. However, here's a new one that I can make: <* )) >< It's unlikely that I'll have an opportunity to include this in an email or chat since conversations about fish are rare. If nothing else, it's a unique addition to my Useless Skills list. One note about that chart - I had no idea how many emoticons there are that represent Naughty Bits. Good heavens.

A coworker directed me to youtube for a video titled Aggressive Bee, written and performed by MC Mr Napkins, a comedic rapper. Rap isn't even close to being a favorite music genre but I love this video. It's rumored that his Vegetable Rap is amazing but it isn't available online.

Overheard on Twitter: I will not write while in the air. I will not write in airport chair. #DrSeussBusinessTrip

Until next time. .

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