Sunday, February 5, 2012

Miscellany (and books, of course)

Our children (adult children, I should say) send me funny things once in awhile. Those things will often refer to past conversations or blog posts I've written. Amy found something online in December that she thought I'd enjoy and she was right. I did.

And for a little humor on the musical side of things:


On to books.

In the bookish world, there have always been adventurous, creative authors who do curious visual things with their work. Those medieval monks come to mind, men who illuminated book pages using clear deep colors and gold leaf to bring their images alive. They hid playful things in there sometimes, to surprise the reader who cared to look closely. And how about e. e. cummings, who rocked the poetry world with artistically-scattered lower-case arrangements on his books' pages?

There are books that challenge the reader beyond the simple act of reading. I tried to read "House of Leaves" a few months back, a book mentioned by a young woman in an interview. She enthusiastically described the book and I thought hm, that's sounds intriguing. The library happened to have it on the shelf and I took it home. Ugh. I bailed on it within the week. It wasn't a book that one could read. It felt like an Author Performance Piece, created in the spirit of "look what I can do!" I wonder if the interviewee truly enjoyed it or just mentioned it to impress us. Maybe it was assigned reading. Who knows? One good thing came from my reading attempt, though. I learned a new phrase, ergodic literature. "House of Leaves" is ergodic literature on steroids.

For pure coolness, take a look at "Between Page and Screen", a digital popup book. The title has a double meaning - it took me a minute to realize that the conversation was between P (Page) and S (Screen). I'm putting in a Suggestion For Purchase for this one.

To finish up today, The Joy of Books is a short, delightful film. I watched it repeatedly and I bet you'll do the same. For more youtube fun, click on the 'crazedadman' button and watch some of his other videos. I especially enjoyed "My Anniversary Gift to Lisa" but they're all good.

Overheard on Twitter: A Google image search for "man wearing pants" brings up 100s of images of men NOT wearing pants.

Until next time. . .

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