Monday, March 12, 2012

The humorous side of Technology Fails

I was searching for song lyrics on my laptop this morning when an entertaining 404 Error screen appeared:

  • A serious misjustice has occured. Write your congressman
  • If the original source is not youtube, vimeo, or metacafe, we won't have it archived. We're working on archiving more video sources
  • We may still be downloading the video file. Please be patient and check back later.
  • The video was taken down before we were able to archive it. It happens.
  • Weasles have eaten our servers.

  • I'm pretty focused but things like this induce a temporary ADHD, which no doubt substantiates those dire warnings about what the Internet does to our brains. So distractable. Never mind what I was originally looking for. The 404 screen prompted an immediate web search for "funny 404 error" to see what's out there. The answer: more than you might think. I wasted some time researched the most promising and found a particularly good collection on ("online tips for designers and bloggers"), a post titled "60 Really Cool and Creative 404 Error Pages." The 404s represent the gamut of webpage fails, some in other languages, everything from the benign to the not-so. Many of them made me laugh but the one that I laughed at the most belongs to Limpfish. Acorn Creative's 404 is a very close second.

    I did eventually get back to that lyric search.

    Overheard on Twitter: And just when I think I can't sleep in like a college student anymore, I wake up at 11:15. #nowwhosemakingbreakfast.

    Until next time.

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