Monday, April 30, 2012


Well now. I've been gone from my blog for a month and surprise! Blogger has reimagined itself and I must now learn afresh how to add a post. I'd be moaning all over facebook about this except for the fortunate fact that I like technology and, on the whole, expect to be adapting to these things as they improve and (inevitably) change.

I'm doing something a little different with Overheard on Twitter this time around. There was a series of tweets recently from David Malki as he was mired at the Los Angeles Airport. Each tweet stands alone but they're even better when read together. Here goes:

Some kind of power outage in LAX Terminal 2. X-ray line at a complete standstill. TSA agents forming turtle huddles. Escalators mocking us.

Officious-looking man in suit gazing over the cattle line of motionless travelers. Just a slight swaying betrays that we even live. #LAX

New travelers with hopeful eyes encounter the line. Their spirits audibly drop. I am at a line vertex and can see/hear/watch it happen. #LAX

The terminal is beginning to resemble a Hooverville of sorts. Any rumors whispered in earshot are repeated with increasing urgency. #LAX

Somebody mutters that the problem has been going on for three hours. True? Rumor? I will start a new whisper and see if it spreads. #LAX

"They have shut down all baggage screeners on the detention level. Shut down all baggage screeners on the detention level!" #LAX

Spontaneous applause from upstairs! Either the power has returned or rebelling travelers have performed their first beheading. #LAX

"This," I just thought to myself the instant I hit Send, "will be the one that gets me detained for questioning." #LAX

His tweets began to descend into the surreal, which is to be expected if you're familiar with his Wondermark comic strip. (And if you're not, you should be.)

"The problem," says a TSA supervisor with a walrus moustache, "was Mynocks. Chewin' on the power cables." #LAX

And then:

Faith in humanity restored: adorable moppet at the gate FLOORED to discover that new friends (at same gate) will be ON THE SAME PLANE, TOO.

All was well, eventually, and he made it onto his flight to Calgary.

In related news, I discovered an artist, Nina Katchadourian, who has been working on an airplane-based project since 2010. The project is highlighted via her blog, on the post titled Seat Assignment: Lavatory Self-Portraits in the Flemish Style. Creative expressions such as this are included in my Anti-Stress Arsenal. When I feel myself wearing thin, I head out to into the Internet and find something that makes me smile and triggers the Happy hormones. Trust me. It works.

Hm. A mystery: some of the lines between the tweets and paragraphs are double-spaced. The html doesn't look right but my changes make it worse so I'll leave it alone for now. Until next time. . .

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