Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ready to laugh?

January 1. Chapter 2013, page 1 of 365. Isn't that a terrific way to look at the year ahead? Time = book. I entered the story at chapter 1954. I don't make resolutions at the new year, preferring the more natural (for me) starting point in September for those. But I like the thought of a year being a chapter with pages. I'll keep it in mind as the year rolls along.

I've fiddled about in my computer's Humor folder this morning, having a wonderful time revisiting some of my old Web favorites. One stands out.

I'm usually not all that interested in tourist attractions in major parks but there's one on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls that I would visit based purely on their website. It's a haunted house, not something one would naturally associate with Niagara Falls. Nightmares Fear Factory snaps photos of people in the middle of a major fright and creates a slideshow of the best ones. They even keep track of how many people chicken out and don't enter, indicating just how scary this haunted house might be.  I watched November's slideshow and laughed until my sides hurt. The photos of guys, all ages, are usually the funniest. It feels a little odd to be entertained by pics of frightened people, but . . .well . . . there it is.

I have the whole week off as we prepare for a visitor from Japan. We're mostly ready - we've been listening to Japanese for Dummies CDs to learn some basic phrases. Ken picks up languages easily but I do not. I have a feeling I'll be more entertaining than correct!  Ah well.  Today is glorious, sunshine and blue skies. The squirrels are marauding the suet cake again, occasionally chased off by a Flicker. A hummingbird has made repeated inquiries at the berries on our Christmas wreath so it's time to dig out the feeder and make some sugar syrup. It's a peaceful beginning, January 1.

May your year be blessed.

Overheard on Twitter:  What's the best kind of medical attention to get on Christmas? TREE-tment! This joke nearly got me thrown out of the house into the cold.

Until next time.


Eva Kosmas said...

It is funny how pictures of terrified people can end up looking so silly and bringing us such joy to look at haha. That slide show is just beyond great!

dulcigal said...

Isn't it though? I always wonder how I would look when caught in a horrified moment. Yikes! Thanks for your comment. :^D