Monday, April 8, 2013

Back to the beginning.

Well, it's pretty clear that blogging has not been a priority for several months.

This blog was originally established due to a library initiative for staff, exploring 2.0 apps and (at the very least) becoming familiar with them. Sometimes a 2.0 week totally appealed to people, Blog Week being one of them. Mine started out as a blog that explored humor. That has changed over the years although I still include funny tweets. It's time to get back to the point of the blog. Where shall I begin?



Oh my, yes. If you do a board search for "humor," some very funny things come up. Humor is such a personal thing and Pinterest boards reflect this. Some of them focus on epigrams while others are strictly-visual collections. Many are themed. Pick your subject and there's probably a Pinterest humor board for it. I often come across grammatical, nerd, or feline humor. One of my favorite boards is Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy's "Humor: just what the doctor ordered." An example from this board:

Here's another pin from the board:

There's a lot that can be done with health-themed humor. This pin originated with Planned Parenthood.

Heads up. Pinterest is dangerously addicting, especially if you already enjoy browsing around the internet. I have to set a timer or I will spend hours. Seriously. Hours.

And that is that, a good start to refreshing my blog. The goal is a weekly post. Let's see how it goes.

Overheard on Twitter: Let's redefine "going commando" as leaving your home without your phone.

Until next time.

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