Monday, April 13, 2015

A busy week

Whoa nelly, what a week this will be: a library conference, artist wrangling for the May artwalk, and lots of daily things to catch up on. I love my job and these are all good things, absolutely; an occasional dose of levity will help to keep the stress at a healthy level.

The best question I heard in the library came from a mom, after I'd helped her 8-year-old find some books on dolphin communication. She asked her daughter, "OK, now do you want to find some normal books?" They headed to the juvenile fiction shelves.

One of my favorite places for a humor break is AV Club. The thoughtfully-written articles cover film, music, comedy, television, books, and games. It's excellent reading. But the best part: the comment threads. You must read the comment threads. Commenters are witty and wry and prone to puns, with not a troll in sight. This week, the unnerving statue of Lucille Ball gets AV Club's attention. If you're reading this post, you should head on over there. It's a good start to the week.

Overheard on Twitter: Guys, asking a woman you don’t know to help you pick out a toothbrush is not a good romantic opener. Just no.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Two years on.

I'm back.

Blogging is a peculiar activity. It's one of those things that's much easier to do when done regularly. It's a simple thing to write my thoughts daily but skip a week and hooboy, it's tough. I don't write this with the expectation that others are reading it (although that's how it started out - a system-wide introduction to the wonders of 2.0 for staff), but there's still an odd guilt when I don't write something. And then my perverse nature kicks in and I don't write anything, sort of a "you can't make me" thing. And here it is, two years on. Human nature is just too funny sometimes.

I still like my humor theme. It's important to laugh, even if the laughter is a small inner chuckle or a smile. The Internet (do we still capitalize the word "Internet"?) is a purveyor of all that is wretched in the world, from breaking news of something grim to comment threads that seek to bully and ridicule. BUT. . .the online world also affirms that there are good things happening through creative responses to problems and needs, and there are comment threads that are delightfully witty and restorative (check out the occasional Pun War that erupts on AV Club.)

So, I'm back. Back to blogger, back to humor, back to recording the things that make my day a little lighter.

Overheard on Twitter:  There's no travel delight equal to successfully identifying and evading the wannabe-chatty seatmate on a long flight.

Until next time. . .