Sunday, June 25, 2017

Back after two years

Well. It looks like this is a "post every two years" blog. Let's see if I can change that.

The current atmosphere in the U.S. is a mixed bag. We are so divided, so easily offended, so overly concerned with ourselves and "my rights". Don't get me wrong, my rights are important (so are yours) but demanding those rights in every situation without considering anyone else leads to awful things. I'm doing what I can in my own community to talk with people, to promote respectful conversations. It's tough going, especially when so many of my friends seem to prefer social media to share their opinions and to seek affirmation of those opinions (from both sides of the aisle.)

A long-time friend and former neighbor unexpectedly stopped by recently. He's originally from the Northwest but he lives in Florida now so his appearance was a wonderful surprise. We caught up on local news and we spoke of our families, what the kids are doing now, both his and ours. He shared that he was distraught to learn that his eldest daughter had voted for Obama. Both times! She was raised in a Republican family; how could she have done this? We gently informed him that we, too, had voted for Obama. He was appalled. "You're Christian. Why would you vote for him?"

Well, believe it or not, our vote was informed by our faith. And Jesus was pretty clear that he didn't come to participate in earthly politics. Our politics don't inform our faith, an important difference. We had a good conversation but our friend is not so sure about us now.

I don't plan to write about things like this, though. I plan to carry on with the original point of this blog: humor. Given the snark, the hatred, the selfishness, the fear. . .I'm going to stand up in my very small way and write about the good and funny things that happen.

So. Stay tuned.

Overheard on Twitter: Candle lighting vigil for the cow that was shot & killed yesterday in Queens after a wild Police chase .  
(the comment thread on this February tweet from @NYCScanner is almost worth its own blog post.)

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